Using shiny apps


To run a shiny app, you need to have a recent version of R (at least version 3.0.0) installed. You also need the 'shiny' package, which you can install from the internet with


A number of other packages which shiny needs will also be installed.

Open an R session and attach the shiny package with


The easiest way to open an app which is available on the web as a ZIP file, is to use


for example


"Failed to download..."

If you get this error, download the .zip file manually: highlight the link in the web page, right click and select "Save link as...". Extract all the files to a new folder, preferably with the same name, so "" produces a folder called "visBeta". The folder must contain scripts called "ui.R" and "server.R", and possibly other scripts and subfolders.

Move this folder to the default folder for your R session OR change the default folder (with File > Change dir... or in RStudio: Session > Set working directory...) to the folder containing the "visBeta" folder.

Launch the app with runApp and the name of the folder, for example





Updated 17 Feb 2015 by Mike Meredith