Installing JAGS with AVG anti-virus software

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A couple of people on a recent workshop had trouble with their AVG anti-virus software when installing JAGS 3.3.0.

This appears to be due to AVG's paranoia: see Martyn Plummer's comment. No malware is detected by McAfee AntiVirus Plus or Trend Micro Office Scan. See also information on false positives at the AVG forum.

Installation is a one-off affair, so it may be best to disable AVG while downloading and installing.

Once installed, AVG prevents JAGS from running, producing errors in rjags and R2jags. We got around this by setting up an exception in AVG for JAGS.

If this fails (or if you can't/don't want to disable AVG), you can still use JAGS 3.2.0, but v.3.3.0 fixes some bugs in 3.2.0.

UPDATE: JAGS 3.4.0 is now out. With luck that will not set AVG barking, but I don't use AVG so will have to wait for reports from other people.

Updated 17 Nov 2013 by Mike Meredith